PMA 2010 cameras, lenses, other new stuff

PMA 2010 cameras, lenses, other new stuff


I visited PMA 2010 as press today, which got me free wireless, coffee and bagels. I also checked out some new cameras and lenses. Here's a quick run-down of the stops I made and what I saw:


Fisheye Lenses vs. Wide-Angle Lens, such as the Sigma 15mm and Canon 8-15mm fisheye
By Scott Gietler

Fisheye Lens vs. Wide-Angle Lens

Scott Gietler
Fisheye Lenses vs. Wide-Angle Lens, such as the Sigma 15mm and Canon 8-15mm fisheye



What is a fisheye lens?

A fisheye lens is a special type of ultra-wide angle lens. It is small and ultra-wide, and shows a distorted, spherical view of the world, most evident in the curved outer corners of the photo, known as the "fisheye effect".

Fisheye lenses happen to work very well underwater for a couple different reasons:

  • They focus very closely

  • There are few straight lines underwater

  • Using a very wide lens allows to get very close to your subjects, giving your photograph more sharpness, and better colors when lit with a strobe.

  • Behind a dome port, fisheye lenses perform better optically than regular wide-angle lenses.

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