Nauticam SMC + Multiplier vs. SubSee 10 + 5 Diopters

Sample Photos Comparing Magnification of both Stacked Diopter Options
By Brent Durand

We've just come across some very interesting photos shot by EunJae Im that compare the most popular wet diopter options in macro photography these days. EunJae has compared not just the base diopters, but the stacked combinations as well.

There has been a lot of buzz about Nauticam's new SMC (super macro converter) and comparisons like this will help those deciding which option to purchase or whether an upgrade is worthwhile. There are a number of things to take into consideration when choosing diopters including magnification, sharpness, image quality, size & weight and port mounting options. It's important to remember that EunJae's comparison tests are looking specifically at magnification, so all other aspects of these test photos should be considered less relevant.


About the Comparison:

EunJae shot these photos with a Canon 5D Mark3 and the Canon 100mm f/2.8L macro lens. For each photo, he focus-locked at maximum magnification in order to deliver a true magnification test of the diopter.



Canon 5D Mark3 & 100mm Lens

Canon 5D Mark 3 Underwater Macro

Nauticam SMC vs. SubSee +10

Nauticam SMC vs. SubSee +10 Comparison


Nauticam SMC + Multiplier vs. SubSee 10 + 5

Nauticam SMC Magnifier vs. SubSee +10 +5 Comparison


Check out EunJae Im's website for the original photos & comparison:

EunJae Im Underwater Imaging



More about the Gear 

Nauticam SMC

Nauticam Multiplier

SubSee +10 Diopter

SubSee +5 Diopter



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