2022 Ocean Art Contest Winners

Winning Images from the 11th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest
By UWPG News

The Ocean Art 2022 underwater photography competition is excited to announce the world's best underwater photography in our 11th annual competition! It's clear from the caliber of our winners that the world has entered a new and exciting post-pandemic era of photographic achievment. 

It was a very tight and intense competition with photographers coming from 96 different countries across the globe with thousands of images entered. Ocean Art could not have been possible without the help of our generous sponsors who were responsible for the largest selection of prizes ever in an underwater photo contest – with over $100,000 in prizes awarded! Please take a moment to check out our sponsors below and keep them in mind as you shop for underwater photo gear or dive travel.

This year's competition featured an underwater smartphone housing category!

The winners were asked to rank the prizes and were awarded one prize based on the total points earned from all their winning photos.

We would also like to thank our world-renowned judges Tony Wu, Mark Stickland, Marty Snyderman, and Bluewater Photo and Bluewater Travel for their utmost support. Click here to view the judges' comments for Ocean Art 2022.

Press Release and Media Contact: http://www.uwphotographyguide.com/ocean-art-2022-press-release

We hope you keep diving, learning and exploring.


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Compact Category:


List of Winners


Best in Show

 "Octopus Mother"
Best in Show - Kat Zhou
Shot in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA





Wide-Angle Category

 "Shark Trio"
1st Place - Renee Capozzola
Shot in South Fakarava, French Polynesia


"The Hunt"
2nd Place - Daniel Nicholson
Shot in Ningaloo Reef, Australia
"The Blue Abyss"
3rd Place - Martin Broen
Shot in Yucatan Mexico



"The White Whale"
4th Place - Julian Gunther
Shot in Peninsula Valdes, Argentina
"Say Cheese!"
Honorable Mention - Josh Blank
Shot in Great Barrier Reef, Australia



"Mobula Munkiana"
Honorable Mention - Adam Martin
Shot in Sea of Cortex, Mexico




 "Octopus Mother"
1st Place - Kat Zhou
Shot in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA


"The Lady in Red"
2nd Place - Matthew Sullivan
Shot in Florida, USA
"Southern Bobtail Squid"
3rd Place - Nicholas Remy
Shot in Tasmania, Australia



"Something in My Mouth"
4th Place - Novrizal Herdananto
Shot in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia
"The Eye"
Honorable Mention - Kat Zhou
Shot in Bimini, Bahamas




Marine Life Behavior

1st Place - Galice Hoarau
Shot in Saltstraumen, Norway


"Chew With Your Mouth Closed!"
2nd Place - Bryant Turffs
Shot in Florida, USA
"Coral Spawning"
3rd Place - Tom Shlesinger
Shot in Gulf of Aqaba and Eilat, Israel



"Frog Mates"
4th Place - Mirko Zanni
Shot in South Switzerland
Honorable Mention - Luc Rooman
Shot in Lake Grevelingen Scharendijke, Holland



"Winner Takes the Worm Hole"
Honorable Mention - Mark Green
Shot in Florida, USA


 "Mirror Reflection"
1st Place - Kuo-Wei Kao
Shot in Pinglin, Taiwan


"Shark Portrait"
2nd Place - Gabriella Luongo
Shot in Azores, Portugal
"Eye to Eye"
3rd Place - Kim Briers
Shot in Dauin, Philippines



"To Be or Not to Be"
4th Place - Andrew Cummings
Shot in Curacao
Honorable Mention - Frank Begun
Shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia



"En Garde"
Honorable Mention - Jeff Molder
Shot in Hawaii, USA
"Parasite Waiting for the Next Victim"
Honorable Mention - Lorenzo Terraneo
Shot in Capo Noli, Italy




"The Rare Spotted Hand-Fish from Tasmania"
1st Place - Nicolas Remy 
Shot in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

2nd Place - Yannick Gouguenheim
Shot in South East of France
"Dancing Rockfish Silhouettes"
3rd Place - Jon Anderson
Shot in Monterey, California, USA



"Look Up"
Honorable Mention - Shouhao Ren
Shot in Catalina Island, USA
"The Next Generation"
Honorable Mention - Sage Ono
Shot in Monterey, California, USA




1st Place - Aleksei Permiakov
Shot in Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

"The Climb"
2nd Place - Veronika Nagy 
Shot in British Columbia, Canada
"3's a Crowd"
3rd Place - Luke Gordon
Shot in Yasawa Islands, Fiji



"Ghost in the Sea"
4th Place - Mayumi Takeuchi-Ebbins
Shot in Gulf of Alaska,USA
Honorable Mention - Talia Greis
Shot in Sydney, Australia





"Octopus Attack"
1st Place - Dennis Corpuz
Shot in Anilao, Philippines

"Cleared for Takeoff"
2nd Place - Josh Raia
Shot in Florida, USA
"1st Appearance"
3rd Place - Steven Kovacs 
Shot in  Kona, Hawaii, USA



"Flying Carpet"
4th Place - Marcello Zof
Shot in Anilao, Batangas, Philippines
Honorable Mention - Steven Kovacs
Shot in  Kona, Hawaii, USA  



"Flatfish Larvae"
Honorable Mention - Galice Hoarau
Shot in Siladen, Indonesia

Underwater Conservation

"A Sad Catch"
1st Place - Lawrence Alex Wu

"Drowned in Plastic"
2nd Place - Caroline Power 
Shot in  Honduras, Roatan 
"Scar Neck"
3rd Place - Gabriella Luongo 
Shot in  Azores, Portugal



"Hooked Pup"
4th Place - Celia Kujala
Shot in Coronado Islands, Mexico
"The Brutal Death of the Crow"
Honorable Mention - Alessandro Giannaccini
Shot in Serra River, Italy



"Reef Again"
Honorable Mention - Daniel Pio
 Shot in Honduras, Roatan

Underwater Art

"A Happy Bunch"
1st Place - Sarah Teveldal
Shot in Private Residential Pool, Miami

2nd Place - Julian Nedev
Shot in Faenza, Italy
3rd Place - Lilian Koh
Shot in  Lembeh Straits, Manado, Indonesia


"Psychedelic Pisces"
Honorable Mention - Jenny Stock
Shot in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Black & White

"Long Shadows"
1st Place - Martin Broen
Shot in Cenote Dos Pisos, Riviera Maya, Yucatan, Mexico

"Cruising the Sand Patch"
2nd Place - Brooke Pyke
Shot in Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia
3rd Place - Piers Baillie
Shot in Koh Tao, Thailand



"South Seas Spawning"
4th Place - Renee Capozzola
Shot in South Fakarava, French Polynesia
"Silvertip Shark Blur"
Honorable Mention - Richard Condlyffe
Shot in Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico




Compact Wide Angle

1st Place - Enrico Somogyi
Shot in Leipzig, Germany

"Dolphin Formation"
2nd Place - Felix Beck
Shot in Sataya Reef, Egypt
"Close Neighbors"
3rd Place - Martina Favero
Shot in Revillagigedos Island, Mexico



Compact Macro

"E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial"
1st Place - Eunhee Cho
Shot in Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines

2nd Place - Regie Casia
Shot in Anilao, Philippines
3rd Place - David Pleuvret
Shot in Lagoon of Saint-Pierre, Reunion Island



"Rose Among the Thorns"
4th Place - Ipah Uid Lynn
Shot in Romblon, Philippines
"Sleeping Mouth"
Honorable Mention - Martina Favero
Shot in Halmahera, Indonesia



"The Devil in Me"
Honorable Mention - Andrew Michelutti
Shot in North Sulawesy, Indonesia
"Christmas Tree"
Honorable Mention - Man Bd
Shot in Lembeh, Indonesia



Compact Behavior

"A Male Weedy Seadragon Carries Pink Eggs On Its Tail"
1st Place - PT Hirschfield
Shot in Victoria, Australia 

"Anemone Closing Time"
2nd Place - Sheryl Wright
Shot in Cairns, Australia
"Spider Crab Conga Line"
3rd Place - PT Hirschfield
Shot in  Fleurieu Penninsula, South Australia



"Love Between Scales"
Honorable Mention - João Pontes
Shot in Algarve, Portugal
"Sleeping Mouth"
Honorable Mention - Sofia K. Tenggrono
Shot in  Lembeh, Indonesia



Mobile Phone

"Cassiopea in the Blue"
1st Place -  Alessandro Buzzichelli
Shot in Cala Liberotto, Italy
"Coral Spawn"
2nd Place - Chris Gug
Shot in Raja Ampat, Indonesia
3rd Place - Grega Verc
Shot in  Piran, Slovenia




List of Winners

Wide Angle

1st Place Renee Capozzola

2nd Place Daniel Nicholson

3rd Place Martin Broen

4th Place Julian Gunther

Honorable Mention Josh Blank

Honorable Mention Adam Martin



1st Place Kat Zhou

2nd Place Matthew Sullivan

3rd Place Nicolas Remy

Honorable Mention Novrizal Herdananto

Honorable Mention Kat Zhou


Marine Life Behavior

1st Place Galice Hoarau

2nd Place Bryant Turffs

3rd Place Tom Shlesinger

4th Place Mirko Zanni

Honorable Mention Luc Rooman

Honorable Mention Mark Green



1st Place Kuo-Wei Kao

2nd Place Gabriella Luongo

3rd Place Kim Briers

4th Place Andrew Cummings

Honorable Mention Frank Begun

Honorable Mention Jeff Molder

Honorable Mention Lorenzo Terraneo



1st Place Nicolas Remy

2nd Place Yannick Gouguenheim

3rd Place Jon Anderson

Honorable Mention Shouhao Ren

Honorable Mention Sage Ono



1st Place Aleksei Permiakov

2nd Place Veronika Nagy

3rd Place Luke Gordon

Honorable Mention Mayumi Takeuchi-Ebbins

Honorable Mention Talia Greis



1st Place Dennis Corpuz

2nd Place Josh Raia

3rd Place Steven Kovacs

4th Place Marcello Zof

Honorable Mention Steven Kovacs

Honorable Mention Galice Hoarau


Underwater Conservation

1st Place Lawrence Alex Wu

2nd Place Caroline Power

3rd Place Gabriella Luongo

4th Place Celia Kujala

Honorable Mention Alessandro Giannaccini

Honorable Mention Daniel Pio


Underwater Art

1st Place  Sarah Teveldal

2nd Place Julian Nedev

3rd Place Lilian Koh

Honorable Mention Jenny Stock


Black & White

1st Place Martin Broen

2nd Place Brooke Pyke

3rd Place Piers Baillie

4th Place Renee Capozzola

Honorable Mention Richard Condlyffe


Compact Wide Angle

1st Place Enrico Somogyi

2nd Place Felix Beck

3rd Place Martina Favero


Compact Macro

1st Place Eunhee Cho

2nd Place Regie Casia

3rd Place David Pleuvret

4th Place Ipah Uid Lynn

Honorable Mention Martina Favero

Honorable Mention Andrew Michelutti

Honorable Mention Man Bd


Compact Behavior

1st Place PT Hirschfield

2nd Place Sheryl Wright

3rd Place PT Hirschfield

4th Place João Pontes

Honorable Mention Sofia K. Tenggrono


Mobile Phone

1st Place Buzzichelli Alessandro

2nd Place Chris Gug

3rd Place Grega Verc


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