Olympus PEN and OM-D Underwater Settings

A look at the best settings for macro and wide-angle underwater photography
By Kelli Dickinson

Olympus has had a long standing tradition of creating great cameras, and over the past several years their PEN line and now OM-D line have offered some of the most popular cameras for underwater photography around. These camers tend to be highly customizable, especially in the higher end O-MD options, allowing the user to set up the camera exactly as they like. However, Olympus also has a few quirks here and there (like creating the OMD housing so the flash has to be in the "off" position to fit), that requires you to set up a few key options before you can take your camera underwater.

Here are the links to several articles outline the ideal settings and giving a solid overview of the menu system for the latest PEN and O-MD camera versions.

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