Nikon D7200 DSLR Camera Preview

Upgrades include better low light AF, 60p video, larger buffer, WiFi and more
By Brent Durand

Nikon has officially announced the D7200 camera. A successor to the wildly popular D7100 for underwater photography, the Nikon D7200 features a 24.2 MP DX format sensor, improved low light autofocus, larger buffer for burst shooting, 60P video and WiFi.

Nikon focused on sharpness with this camera, opting not to include an optical low pass filter over the sensor. What does this mean? It means that the images will be sharper but could be subject to moire when shooting certain patterns. (Most DSLRs include an optical low pass filter). My thought is that Nikon sees this camera as its prosumer DSLR for shooting sports (up to 7 FPS) and sharp digital video.

The D7200 features a wider ISO range, allowing the camera to shoot better quality images at higher ISOs, as well as a new EXPEED 4 processor, claimed to be 30% faster than the D7100's EXPEED 3 processor. Lastly, a new 'Flat' picture control, which allows for the recording of more dynamic range when shooting JPGs or video.

Nikon D7200 Highlights:


Improved Low Light Focusing

The Nikon D7200 is using the new D750's autofocus system, however with one significant upgrade for underwater photographers. The AF sensor detection range begins at - 3 EV instead of - 2 EV, meaning focus can be achieved in darker shooting situations. This should be helpful in low light, low contrast situations that underwater photographers often find themselves in.


Nikon D7200 May Fit in D7100 Housings

Based on camera body dimensions and body layout, we think this camera may fit in current D7100 underwater housings. There do not appear to be any significant changes in the body dimensions or the layout of the controls. We will update this section once we hear back specifically from manufacturers such as Ikelite, Nauticam, Aquatica, and Sea & Sea.


Release Date:  March 19, 2015


With these upgrades, we expect the Nikon D7200 to be a popular option for underwater photo and video, and will be publishing our D7200 review in coming weeks.



Nikon D7200 Comparison with D7100


  Nikon D7200 Nikon D7100
Sensor Resolution 24.2 MP CMOS (no OLPF) 24.1 MP CMOS
Processor EXPEED 4 EXPEED 3
ISO Range ISO 100 - 25,600 ISO 100 - 6,400
AF Sensor

Multi-CAM 3500 II DX, 65-point (15 cross-type)

EF detection -3EV (more sensitive in low light)

Multi-CAM 3500 DX, 65-point (15 cross-type)

EF detection -2EV 

FPS 6 FPS in DX, 7 FPS in 1.3x crop mode 6 FPS in DX, 7 FPS in 1.3x crop mode
Buffer Capacity (e.g. NEF 12-bit) 27 shots 7 shots
WiFi Yes, with NFC No
Dimensions (WxHxD) 135.5 x 106.5 x 76mm 135.5 x 106.5 x 76mm
Weight (approx) 765 g 765 g







March 2, 2015

Equipped with the latest high-performance AF system, and offering for continuous capture of decisive moments with shooting of up to 100 JPEG*1Digital SLR camera D7200, which achieves the superior image quality and more advanced functions that will inspire users to be more creative with their photography

The Nikon D7200 equipped with the new AF sensor module so well received when it was first adopted with the D750 and EXPEED 4 high-performance image-processing engine is a high-performance DX-format camera that offers greater focus-acquisition performance, such as the ability to capture up to 100 shots with a single burst of continuous shooting, and even better image quality.TOKYO - Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the D7200, a DX-format digital SLR camera that expands possibilities for shooting and expression with the latest autofocusing system and the ability to capture up to 100 shots*1 with a single burst of continuous shooting.
Nikon will also release the new ME-W1 Wireless Microphone for off-camera recording of movie sound.

It is equipped with an NFC-compatible*2 Wi-Fi® function that allows users to instantly and easily share photos they have taken with the camera with many people via social media using a smart device. The D7200 is also equipped with enhanced movie-recording functions, including a time-lapse photography function that supports exposure smoothing, as well as functions that enable enhanced control over audio recording.
The D7200 enables full-scale imaging expression with superior still-image and movie quality through the combination of the compact system afforded by the extremely agile Nikon DX format and the durability of high-end models.

  • *1When a 16-GB SanDisk SDHC UHS-I memory card (SDSDXPA-016G-J35) is used, and an ISO sensitivity setting of ISO 100 is applied.

  • *2Supported only by the Android™ OS.

Nikon D7200 Primary Features

  1. A new 51-point AF system that demonstrates the outstanding in autofocusing performance The new 51-point AF system, for which the same Advanced Multi-CAM 3500 II autofocus sensor module built into the D750 has been adopted, offers the same 51 focus points available with the D7100 while achieving a broader detection range that begins at just -3 EV (ISO 100, 20°C/68°F). This enables overwhelmingly better AF performance when shooting dark or dimly lit scenes and when capturing subjects or scenes exhibiting little contrast. Certain capture of the intended subject, even in dark situations, is possible.

  2. Certain capture of decisive moments with shooting of up to 100 JPEG*1 or 18 14-bit RAW images with a single burst of continuous shooting A larger buffer enables capture of up to 100 shots*1 with a single burst of continuous shooting at approximately 6 fps*2. Up to eighteen 14-bit RAW (lossless compressed) images can also be captured with a single burst of continuous shooting. (at an image area setting of DX (24x16) and an image quality setting of JPEG fine) For faster continuous shooting, setting image area to 1.3x (18x12) enables shooting at approximately 7 fps. This, along with increased AF performance, ensures certain capture of the best moments.

    • *1When a 16-GB SanDisk SDHC UHS-I memory card (SDSDXPA-016G-J35) is used, and a ISO sensitivity setting of ISO 100 is applied.

    • *2Measured in accordance with CIPA guidelines.

  3. The EXPEED 4 image-processing engine for even better image quality The D7200 is equipped with the same EXPEED 4 image-processing engine adopted for high-end models. This enables use of a broad range of standard ISO sensitivity settings, from ISO 100 to 25600, with both still images and movies, for sharp and clear imaging with which noise is effectively reduced, even at high sensitivities. In addition, the absence of a low-pass filter maximizes the superior resolution of the high effective pixel count of 24.2-million pixels and the excellent rendering capabilities of NIKKOR lenses for sharp rendering of even the finest details in subjects.

  4. An NFC-compatible*1 Wi-Fi® function*2 that enables image transfer and remote shooting with smart-device collaboration (NFC support) With a built-in Wi-Fi® function, users can easily transfer images to smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. Still images can be downloaded to a smart device immediately after they are captured for sharing with others via e-mail attachment or upload to a social networking site. In addition, as the NFC*1 is supported, a Wi-Fi® connection can be easily established by simply touching the D7200 to an NFC-compatible smart device, enabling remote shooting from a smart device using the camera's live view display shown in the smart device's screen*2.

    • *1Supported only by the Android™ OS. Connection may be difficult to establish depending upon the smart device used or environmental conditions. In such situations, use normal means to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

    • *2The Wireless Mobile Utility app must be installed on the smart device before the Wi-Fi function can be used (the app can be downloaded free of charge from the smart device's app store).
  5. Full-scale movie recording with a variety of functions The D7200 is equipped with a number of full-HD movie functions that are nearly equal to those of high-end models. It is the first Nikon DX-format camera to be equipped with a time-lapse photography function capable of exposure smoothing, which smooths abrupt changes in exposure between frames. It also offers features such as a dedicated Movie Shooting menu and Auto ISO Sensitivity Control, with which exposure is controlled with adjustment of sensitivity only with movie recording in M mode. The Flat Picture Control, effective for color grading, and functions for recording sound with movies have been enriched with the addition of Frequency Response and Wind Noise Reduction settings. The D7200 offers two movie formats, one that uses the DX (24x16) image area and one that uses the 1.3x (18x12) image area. The 1.3x (18x12) image area produces a telephoto effect that brings distant subjects closer, and also enables selection of the 60p movie frame rate.

  6. Additional Features

    • A Picture Control system with which support for the Flat Picture Control and the Clarity adjustment item (for still images only) have been added, as has the ability to apply adjustments in finer increments

    • An optical viewfinder with approximately 100% frame coverage, and for which an OLED has been adopted at the bottom of the viewfinder

    • A 1.3x image area (uses 15.36-million pixels). As the 51 focus points cover the full range of the 1.3x image area, superior focus acquisition performance is demonstrated even with subjects exhibiting great movement

    • Built-in flash equipped with a commander function

    • Continuous shooting with no limit on the number of images that can be captured, enabling creation of beautiful star-trail photos and the like (in CH and CL release modes at shutter speeds of 4 s or slower)

    • Use of a magnesium alloy ensures an highly durable body that is effectively sealed for superior resistance to dust and water drops

    • A highly precise and durable shutter that has passed release testing for 150,000 cycles after incorporation into the camera

    • Designed for low power consumption that enables capture of approximately 1,110 still images*, or recording of approximately 80 minutes* of movie footage with a single charge

      • *Still images: Measured in accordance with CIPA standards. Movies: Measured with actual recording in accordance with CIPA standards. Both values apply to use with a EN-EL15 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery inserted in the camera.



Nikon D7200 Camera Product Tour Video





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