Ten Amazing Photos from Friends of the Guide

10 Underwater Photos you MUST SEE from Around the World this past Winter
By Brent Durand

10 Amazing Underwater Photos 

Taken in Dec 2012, Jan/Feb 2013

Feature by Brent Durand with photos by Various Artists (in no particular order). Commentary by UWPG publisher Scott Gietler




If you're like me you love diving, traveling and new underwater photos. We publish many tutorials, tips and reviews at the Underwater Photography Guide to help improve our u/w photography and find inspiration for new images.

It's always "dive season" somewhere in the world, and this feature celebrates some inspiring images captured this past winter by ten incredible underwater photographers.

So where are you diving next? What is your next photo project? We want to see your amazing photos soon! - Brent


Amazing Underwater Photo #1

Tube Anemone by Kevin Lee, California

This anemone is simple but stunning macro. Perfectly lit, perfectly framed, just the right detail and depth of field.


Anemone by Kevin Lee.  Nikon D800, 60mm lens + 1.4x teleconverter, dual YS-D1 strobes, ReefNet fiber optic snoot. 1/250, F/32, iso 100. www.diverkevin.com



Amazing Underwater Photo #2

Turtle by Jeffrey Milsen, Hawaii

The front fin creates a great "leading line", and the sun-rays really make the shot. A simple wide-angle shot that keeps drawing you in"


Turtle & Reef by Jeffrey Milsen. "A Hawaiian green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) hovers over a reef inside Honaunau Marine Protected Area, Big Island." Canon T1i, Tokina 10-17, dual Ikelite DS-51 strobes. 1/160, F/8, iso 100. milisenphotography.yolasite.com



Amazing Underwater Photo #3

Anthias with parasite by Mark Strickland, Australia

Incredible natural history photograph, with perfect exposure and great bokeh.


Hawk Anthias with Parasite by Mark Strickland. "Hawk Anthias, Serranocirrhitus latus, with unwelcome companion, a parasitic isopod. Great Barrier Reef, Australia, Coral Sea, Pacific Ocean." Nikon D7000, Seacam housing, Nikon 70-180mm macro zoom. ISO 200, dual Ikelite 160 strobes. 1/125, F14. www.markstrickland.com



Amazing Underwater Photo #4

Humpbacks by Craig Dietrich, Socorro

Humpbacks are expected in Socorro in February topside, but this year many divers got a special treat underwater. Craig nailed the shot.

humpback whales

Humback Whales in Socorro by Craig Dietrich. "Humpback and her new baby calf. One of the greatest experiences of my dive career, just getting to see a glimpse of the interaction between mom and baby." Canon 7D, Tokina 10-17. 1/125, F9. www.dietrichunderwater.com



Amazing Underwater Photo #5

Leafy Sea Dragon by Ken Thongpila, Australia

Ken used just the right composition and depth of field to produce a winning leafy sea dragon shot.

leafy seadragon

Leafy Sea Dragon by Ken Thongpila. "I used 2 strobes to get the right balance on the eyes, looked for a clean background, then waited for unusual angles as the Sea Dragon moved around." Rapid Bay Jetty, South Australia. 1/100, F16. www.aboutken.com



Amazing Underwater Photo #6

Wolf Fish by Lill Haugen, Norway

Braving the cold waters of Norway, Lill captured a special moment with just the right expressions - two wolf fish truly in love.

blue eels

Wolf Fish by Lill Haugen. Diving in bad vis and fighting strong currents mid-winter in Oslo fjord in Norway can still be rewarding, especially when I came across this cute wolffish-couple in the Oslo fjord, at their breeding ground. Soon there will be eggs, which the MALE will protect for a few months while the female goes back to munching her favorite sea urchins and clams - and living life! Nikon D300, Nikon 12-24 mm, dual Inon z-240 strobes. 1/100, F16. www.lillhaugen.com



Amazing Underwater Photo #7

Filefish eye by Ron Watkins, Florida

Ron went for the artistic point of view on this fish, one that we all love to photograph and admire for its wonderful blue patterns.

filefish eye

Filefish eye by Ron Watkins. On a recent assignment in the Florida Keys after diving the Spiegel Grove, I dove Molassas Reef and decided to try macro photography. As soon as I hit the water and saw the 80+ Viz and healthy reefs teaming with life, I thought I had chosen the wrong lens. Making the most of it, I was photographing nudibranchs, fireworms and other small subjects when I noticed a scrawled filefish following me (pointed out by my buddy). I turned the Nikor 105mm to the fish and took several shots and angles of the colorful patterend eye. The resulting photo was taken with a Nikon D300 at F/16, 1/100 and ISO 200 with dual YS-250 Strobes. www.scubarews.com



Amazing Underwater Photo #8

Cenotes by Jo-ann WIlkins, Mexico

Diver, light beams and surface reflections all add up to a stunning wide-angle shot.

cavern scuba diver

Cenotes diver by Jo-Ann Wilkins. Exploring the Cenotes of Riviera Maya, Mexico. Nikon D800, Aquatica Housing. www.jaw-photo.com



Amazing Underwater Photo #9

Crocodile by Goran Butajla, Cuba

Crocs are not your everyday subject. They are dangerous, hard to find, and not easy to photograph without losing a finger. This photo has a dramatic close-up point of view, enhanced by the distinct sunbeams.


Crocodile by Goran Butajla. We found this crocodile during one of our trips to the lagoon, who hung around for photos before ending the session by swimming into deeper water. Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. 1/160, F10. www.scubalife.hr



Amazing Underwater Photo #10

Blue-ring Octopus by Marcello di Francesco, Philippines

Dramatic black-background photo of one of the most beautiful & deadly octopus.

blue-ringed octopus

Rings in the Night by Marcello di Francesco. A blue-ringed octopus hunting for prey at night, shot on Malapacua island in the Philippines. Canon 60D, 100mm lens. 1/250, F14, ISO 100. www.marcellodifrancesco.com



Do you have great photos from the spring (March - May 2013)?  We're accepting submissions for our next Friends of the Guide photo feature.  Email brent@uwphotographyguide.com for more details.


About the Author

Brent Durand is an avid California beach diver, underwater photographer and editor with the Underwater Photography Guide. You can follow UWPG on Facebook and also read Brent's featured article on shooting a Melibe Nudibranch congregation.



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