SEA&SEA Housing for Canon 6D

An Industry-First with Internal YS-Converter, New Port Lock System, Lens Release & more!
By Brent Durand

SEA&SEA Announces MDX-6D Housing

An Industry-First with Built-In Internal YS-Converter - Switch Easily Between TTL and Manual

By Brent Durand


Sea and Sea MDX-6D



SEA&SEA makes great underwater housings, and the Sea & Sea Canon 6D underwater housing ups the ante with an industry first built-in YS-Converter. Many experienced photographers find themselves switching between TTL and Manual strobe power (depending on the subject/situation) and now they can do this directly from the housing with the MDX-6D - the first housing with the functionality.  In addition, SEA&SEA now offers the internal YS-Converter for the MDX-5D Mark III.



  • Internal YS-Converter
  • Re-designed Port Lock System - now activated from outside the housing
  • New Lens-Lock Release button - lens can now be released without opening the housing for quick switches between macro and wide-angle
  • Re-designed handles great for traveling
  • Built-in leak sensor
  • MSRP: $3,795.95


Sea and Sea MDX-6D

Sea and Sea MDX-6D


Press release:

LONG BEACH, CA [June 13, 2013] SEA&SEA announces the availability of the MDX-6D dSLR housing, an industry first with a built-in internal YS-Converter. Achieving perfect TTL has never been easier.
The MDX-6D housing will revolutionize the world of underwater photography. This is the first housing with a built-in internal YS Converter/C allowing the photographer to switch between TTL and Manual directly from the housing. Equally innovative is the newly re-designed Port Lock System and new Lens-Lock release button. The Port Lock can now be activated from outside the housing and the Lens-Lock release button allows the lens to be replaced without opening the housing. A diver can now go from wide-angle to macro simply with the push of a button, and without having to open the housing and remove the camera.
 The MDX-6D housing also comes with re-designed handles for the traveling diver in mind. The new handles facilitate mounting and removal of the grips easier. The design also reduces corrosion build up along the fittings. This handle placement also makes it much easier to record video by placing an over-sized record button next to the right grip. It allows the diver to access the record button with one single movement of the thumb.
The MDX-6D housing also comes with a built-in leak sensor that alerts the user if moisture or water intrusion is detected.  In addition, an LED indicator light has been placed above the viewfinder showing battery charge for the internal YS Converter/C.  
The MDX-6D housing is compatible with both the VF180 1.2x and VF45 1.2x viewfinders. The viewfinders increase magnification by 1.2x and the entire field of view can be seen at the same time.    
The MDX-6D (SS-06166C) with internal YS Converter installed has a MAP of $3,795.95.
(The internal YS Converter/C for MDX-5D Mark III is also available for $534.99.)  
Be sure to check out SEA&SEA's Website and Facebook page for the latest product updates and more!


Sea and Sea MDX-6D

Sea and Sea MDX-6D


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