SeaLife Sea Dragon 5000+ Underwater Video Light Review

Introducing a novel "color burst" feature!
By Nirupam Nigam

SeaLife's newest light, the Sea Dragon 5000+, is an exciting upgrade to the original Sea Dragon 5000F. As SeaLife's highest-end light, it's perfect for both wide angle and macro video with an output of 5000 lumens (6000 lumens for two minutes). The light features an exciting new "color boost" mode that enhances warmer colors in your footage. We brought the Sea Dragon on our recent underwater photo workshop to Raja Ampat. When filming the beautiful soft corals of misool, it was clear just how colorful the color boost mode made the video. So be sure to check our the video footage and our full written reviewof the Sea Dragon 5000+ below: 



SeaLife Sea Dragon 5000+ Specs

  • High performance Bridgelux GEN 8 V18 COB LED
  • Color Boost Mode & Advanced Mode
  • 5000 Lumens Output (up to 6000 Lumens max for 2 mins)
  • Color Rendering Index 90
  • 120° Beam Angle
  • One Button Operation
  • Removable 50Wh Li-Ion Battery
  • 3.3Hrs Burn time @ 1500 Lumens & 1Hr @ 5000 Lumens + Color Boost
  • Various Safety Features
  • Depth Rating of 100m
  • Material: Corrosion-proof hard-anodized T6061 aluminum light head and fiber-reinforced polycarbonate bod

SeaLife 5000+

A Professional Beam Quality

The SeaDragon 5000+ offers a remarkable beam quality suitable for various underwater scenarios. It features a 120-degree beam angle (90 degrees underwater) and delivers a color temperature of 5000K at 5000 lumens, making it ideal for wide-angle and macro videography. Our underwater test footage primarily utilized a fisheye lens with a 170-degree field of view, and in most cases, the beam angle of the SeaDragon 5000+ was sufficient, requiring only one light alongside the fisheye lens. However, for enthusiasts committed to wide-angle shooting, we recommend considering two lights for optimal coverage.

With a CRI rating of 90, the SeaDragon 5000+ provides reasonably accurate color rendering, offering a genuine representation of the underwater environment. The warm 5000K color temperature of the light notably enhanced the vibrancy of the corals we filmed, adding a touch of realism to the footage.

Introducing a New Color Boost Feature

With a pioneering innovation, the SeaDragon 5000+ introduces the color boost feature. By shifting the color temperature warmer, this feature brings out richer reds and oranges that are often subdued in deeper waters. Consequently, it enhances the visual impact of the subject beyond what can be achieved with traditional underwater video lights. In our video above, you can see just how impactful the color boost feature is on our footage.

A Red Beam

The SeaLife Sea Dragon 5000+ is equipped with a red beam. Underwater, the red beam operates like a stealthy veil, invisible to the eyes of many sea creatures, allowing for inconspicuous approaches to marine life. Once you have positioned yourself in close proximity to your subject, a seamless switch to white light enables you to capture footage to your heart's content.

Design and Ergonomics

The SeaDragon 5000+ features a robust, sturdy construction. Made from hard-anodized aluminum with a fiber-reinforced polycarbonate body, it is durable, even when subjected to surf entries. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure grip, enabling prolonged use without discomfort. Simplifying operation, the light's controls are conveniently consolidated into a single push button interface.


Overall, were were very happy to have the Sea Dragon 5000+ by our side during our expedition to Raja Ampat. The new color boost feature is invalualbe to shooters that want colors as vibrant as possible with a high degree of accuracy. While SeaLife has gained recognition for catering to newer photo and video enthusiasts, the SeaDragon 5000+ serves as a testament to their expertise in professional underwater video lighting. The footage speaks for itself.


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