Underwater Photography Reviews

Port and Viewfinder Reviews

There are a wide range of housing ports for macro and wide-angle underwater photography. For full details on ports, please see our Guide Chapter on Dome Ports and Macro Ports. Housing viewfinders serve to magnify the image seen in a DSLR viewfinder and are available from several manufacturers in a 45 or 180 degree angle.

At UWPG we review new housings, cameras, lenses, strobes, video lights, focus lights, wet lenses, diopters and ports for underwater photo and video.

Guide to GoPro Filters for Underwater Video
Using Filters for Underwater Video with the GoPro HERO6, HERO5, Hero4, Hero3+ and 3
Precision 5" Dome for Tokina 10-17mm Lens
A look at this new 5" dome port for the Tokina 10-17mm lens and Ikelite dSLR housings.
Nauticam Viewfinder
I've always been jealous of expensive viewfinders. Now I finally got to try one...
Sea & Sea Glass & Acrylic Dome Port tests
Sea & Sea fisheye, compact, acrylic and glass dome port review