Nudibranch Photo Tips and Tutorials

Underwater photography and video tutorial series for shooting nudibranchs
By Brent Durand

Nudibranchs are undoubtedly the most popular subjects for underwater macro and supermacro photography. They come in many sizes, shapes, colors and textures, with each one presenting subtle details to capture through photo and video. Certain species are very cryptic and only found by those who know exactly where to look, while others lounge out in the open grazing on their favorite hydroids and tunicates.

Many divers build large collections of nudibranch photos and video through the years, but no matter the skill level or experience, are always learning more about how to shoot these magnificent opisthobranchs.

The tutorials below cover everything you could want to know about nudibranchs, from finding them, biology and food sources to photo tips and lighting techniques.



Nudibranchs 101, aka Sea Slugs






Essential Tips for Nudibranch Photography






How to Find Nudibranchs






Nudis and Nomads: The Sand-Dwelling Slugs of California






Nudibranch Self Defense in Action





If there's something you want to know about photographing nudibranchs but don't see in these articles, email me at and we'll get an article up on the site. Enjoy!

Brent Durand
Underwater photography and video tutorial series for shooting nudibranchs


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