Dispatch from Reunion Island

See what animals and critters have made great photo subjects for 2016 so far at Reunion Island deep in the Indian Ocean
By Gaby Barathieu

The latest installment of our Dispatch photo essay series comes from photographer Gaby Barathieu, who shoots frequently from his home on Reunion Island.

The diving at Réunion Island is always full of rich animal encounters, making it a great destination for underwater photographers. 2016 has shown us many great photo opportunities so far, and the hardest choice has been whether to shoot macro or wide-angle!

The water is exceptionally clear at Réunion right now, and the 29 degree (84F) water temperature is a real pleasure to dive. Every dive has been full of beautiful encounters, and yes, it is a true drug. As proof, here are 4 pictures from my last 3 dives.


Réunion Island Underwater Photos






Gaby Barathieu is a passionate underwater photographer based on Reunion Island. He and photographer Yann Oulia run the Reunion Underwater Photography website and Facebook page, sharing the incredible diving and wildlife encounters in the waters near their home. View their photography at www.RUP.re or on their Facebook Page.


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