New Nexus Glass Dome Ports

New Nexus Glass Dome Port for Nexus Underwater Housings


These new ports from Nexus are for housings with the M6 port size. You can read about the different Nexus port sizes on our Nexus underwater housing page.


Nexus glass dome port for the Nikon 14-24mm lens


nexus glass dome port


Nexus has released a new glass dome port for use with the Nikon 14-24mm lens. The 14-24 dome with the 60mm extension has manual focus control, and the Zoom is operated from the control on the housing.



The Super multi coated glass dome set for the Nikon 14-24 lens makes the housing perfectly balanced underwater.


Here  the Nexus 14-24 port on the D700 housing.


Nexus 14-24 glass dome port for Nexus underwater housings


Nexus has two other glass dome ports on the market already.


Nexus compact glass dome port for fisheye lenses


nexus fisheye glass dome port

The 10/15 dome fits the Nikon 10.5 fisheye and the canon 15mm fisheye lenses.


The small optically coated glass dome with it's built in shade also keeps the housing perfectly balanced. Further down below there is a photo of the port on the Nexus Canon 5DMKII housing.



Standard Nexus Glass dome port


The standard 170G dome is the standard optically coated glass dome that will support many different lenses. The weight of the glass dome will help balance the housing depending on the type of lens used.


nexus FP170 glass dome port for underwater photography


New Macro port for 105mm VR Lens


The new macro port for the 105VR Nikon lens has the manual focus on the lens port. The port is designed to give the housing better balance and with it's smaller front glass it is easier to get the lens and strobe into small areas for better lighting.


nexus macro port for nikon 105mm VR lens


New Nexus Strobe Housing for Nikon SB400 Flash Unit


Nexus also makes a housing for the Nikon SB400 flash unit. Full TTL with the sync cord is possible and it is a very small package.


nexus strobe case for nikon speedflash sb400

This shows the unique mounting capability for the SB 400 on the Nexus D700.


nexus strobe case for nikon sb400 speedflash




Nexus 5DMK2 Underwater Housing updated


The 5DMK2 has been up dated with an external dial control for comfortable operation with the thumb.


nexus canon 5dmk2 underwater housing

In this photo of the Nexus 5DMKII housing, you can see the small size of the Nexus small dome for the 15mm fisheye lens.


nexus underwater housing for canon 5dMKII


Further Information on Nexus Housings and Ports


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