3 Quick Tips for Dive Buddy Photos

Diver in Scene Photo Essay written on Location in Tulamben, Bali
By Brent Durand

Diver in Scene


As underwater photographers we like nothing more than sharing photos of what we’ve seen underwater. But at some point, our audience will stifle a yawn on during fish portrait #26. So how do we keep it interesting?

Answer:  Show them photos of you and your dive buddy in action! 


Dive Buddy Photo Tips

1) Try close-focus-wide-angle

Find an interesting foreground element that has negative space behind it. The key to a successful CFWA shot is depth. Not only does your dive buddy keep an eye on you underwater, but they are a mobile “depth-creation tool.” Make sure they’re ok being a dive model (prior to the dive), and then use them to fill in that negative space of you CFWA composition. Remember that you’ll need to return the favor if you’re both photographers.


Diver in Scene


2) Look at the camera or don’t look at the camera.

If you’re shooting close-focus wide-angle, then your buddy should be looking towards the foreground subject. But if you’re shooting your dive buddy in open water, ask them to look directly into the camera, since eye contact helps create a more intimate portrait.


Diver in Scene


3) Be prepared before working with your buddy.

Be sure to set up your shot before you ask you buddy to model. This way you can focus on working with them instead of the composition and lighting.


Diver in Scene


I’ve been using these tips with Quinn here in Bali, Indonesia during the 1st leg of our Best of Southeast Asia tour – visiting 14 dive resorts over 8-weeks. Follow our blog for photo essays, travel tips, insider resort reports and our video series (giving you an inside look at each dive resort). Visit the Best of Southeast Asia website.


Diver in Scene


About the Author

Brent Durand is an avid California beach diver, photographer and writer dedicated to capturing unique underwater, ocean lifestyle and adventure images. Brent is editor of the Underwater Photography Guide. Brent will be leading an epic 14-resort Best of SouthEast Asia tour with daily photo and video updates from Aug 16th - Oct 16th 2014.



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