Story Behind the Shot: Dolphin Formation

The 2nd place photo for the "Compact Wide Angle" in the Ocean Art 2022 Competition was taken at the Sataya Reef, Egypt. See all Ocean Art 2022 Winners Here

Camera System

The camera that was used to take the photo was a Canon G9X Mark II which is a fantastic compact camera both for topside and underwater application. The camera was inside a Fantasea Canon G9X Mark II Underwater Housing, a lightweight housing that features excellent ergonomics for ease of use. An Inon UWL-100 wet wide angle lens was also used to extend the field of view of the camera. No strobes or video light was used, just natural ambient light for the photos. 



The Shot

“As the sun cast its golden hues across the Red Sea, I found myself immersed in an extraordinary experience at Sataya Reef, Egypt. Our liveaboard journey had been filled with breathtaking dives, but this particular day, we traded our scuba gear for snorkels to explore the vibrant marine life in a different way.

Equipped with only my camera and a sense of awe, I ventured into the crystal-clear waters surrounding Sataya Reef. As luck would have it, a pod of playful dolphins gracefully glided through the sea, their sleek bodies cutting through the waves with effortless elegance.

The scarcity of snorkels among the group meant I had to make do without one. Hence the challenge lay not only in the dolphins' speed but also in the need to hold my breath while framing the perfect shot."



What Does Winning Ocean Art 2022 Mean to You?

"Being placed in Ocean Art 2022 holds immense significance for me. It recognizes my passion for underwater photography and validates the time I've dedicated to honing my skills. It's an opportunity to share my connection with the underwater world, inspire others to appreciate and protect marine ecosystems, and connect with like-minded individuals who share the same love for preserving the beauty and wonder of our oceans."




Further Reading


As a Biostatistician from Germany I discovered my passion for photography at a young age. Over the years, my passion grew and led me to explore various genres, until I stumbled upon the mesmerizing world of underwater photography. Since then, immersing myself in the beauty and mystery beneath the waves has become my ultimate passion and source of inspiration



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