Adelaide, Australia

Diving Adelaide

Adelaide Dive Sites, Underwater Photography and Marine Life


Adelaide offers an excellent selection of temperate water diving filled with beautiful invertebrate life, a myriad of fish species, and of course the famous Leafy Sea Dragon. Lovers of marine life will not be disappointed here.


Best Adelaide Dive Sites


  • Rapid Bay Jetty - the best dive site in South Australia
  • Edithburgh Jetty - beautiful shore dive with colorful pilings, nudibranchs, sea horses and leafy sea dragons
  • Wreck of the HMAS Hobart - large wreck dove by boat. The wreck is 133 meters long, the depth is 30meters deep at the bottom, and rises as shallow as 5 meters.
  • Kangaroo Island - is supposed to have some very good dive sites
  • Bluff at Victor Harbour
  • Whyalla - you want to dive here in cuttlefish mating season, from July to September to see the Giant cuttlefish mating
  • There's more dive sites at Ben's site here.


rapid bay jetty underwater, Adelaide

Underwater school of fish at the Rapid Bay Jetty


Adelaide Marine Life & Photography subjects


  • Fur Seals
  • Cuttlefish - Giant cuttlefish mating is a great site to see at Whyalla. Otherwise squid and cuttlefish can occasionally be spotted at many of the local dive sites.
  • Leafy Sea Dragons
  • Short-spined Sea Horses
  • Colorful Tunicates - found all over the piers of the jetties
  • Nudibranchs - a good assortment of nudibranchs is found on the wrecks and piers around Adelaide, such as at Edithburgh jetty.
  • Port Jackson Sharks - known as Horn sharks in California, these small harmless sharks usually rest on the bottom
  • Pajama squid - found on night dives at the Edithburgh jetty 
  • Weedy sea dragon - not as commonly seen as the Leafy around Adelaide, but still spotted sometimes
  • Anglerfish - known as frogfish in most the world, they occassionally pop up at a dive site
  • Great White Sharks - dive with them safely in cages, and hope you don't see one outside of one. The diving is done out of Port Lincoln.


crab underwater photo

Crab underwater on a pier piling in Adealide


Best time to dive Adelaide


Adelaide water temperatures


15 degrees in the winter (August/September), up to 19-21 degrees Celsius in the summer (January / February)


Adelaide underwater visibility


Varies, anywhere from 5-20 meters, depending on depth and distance from shore.


Where to stay while diving Adelaide


Adelaide city is a good place to use as a base, and you can do daily trips to the shore diving locations. Sometimes divers will spend a night on the Yorke Peninsula near Edithburgh in order to get some early dives in the area. You can read more about shore diving with a dSLR underwater camera rig.


Adelaide Underwater Photography Tips


  • Explore the different habitats of each dive site, there's different fish species in the different surfgrass, eelgrass, and other habitats.
  • The ends of the jetties have the most concentration of marine life
  • Check tide tables to avoid strong currents
  • Most dive sites are good for macro and wide-angle
  • Shore diving is great and easily accessible


Adelaide Underwater Photos


tunicates on a pier piling at the edithburgh jetty, adelaide

Tunicates on a pier piling at the edithburgh jetty, Adelaide


leafy sea dragon, adelaide

Photo of the famous leafy sea dragon


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diver and featherduster underwater at the edithburgh jetty, adelaide

Lots of invertebrate marine life at the Edithburgh Jetty


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