GoPro Video Tutorials

Photo and video tutorial series for using a GoPro underwater
By Brent Durand

GoPro cameras are extemely versatile, making them very popular for shooting underwater video. GoPros can be used as standalone cameras, mounted to almost anything you can think of, or used as a B camera mounted on another camera housing. 

The small size and relatively affordable price, combined with ease-of-use, pro features like Protune, free app and editing software all make the GoPro a nice camera to stick in your bag for any dive trip.

Like all underwater video cameras, the GoPro can be used in many situations by both beginners and professionals alike. The tutorial series below discusses shooting tips, general video tips, GoPro camera reviews, video editing, underwater filters, and much more. We hope you find them useful.



3 Tips for GoPro Underwater Video







Beginner's Guide to GoPro Underwater Video






Guide to GoPro Filters for Underwater Video






When to Use GoPro Filters Underwater (with Video Demo)





Creating Videos with GoPro Studio 2.0





GoPro Underwater Housing and Mount Tips






Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Underwater Video






GoPro HERO7 Review for Underwater Video







GoPro HERO6 Review for Underwater Video






GoPro HERO5 Black Review for Underwater Video






GoPro HERO4 Review for Underwater Video





 GoPro Hero 3+ Review





If there's something you want to learn about GoPro underwater video that's not in these tutorials, email me at and we'll get an article up on the site. Enjoy!

GoPro Video Tutorials
Brent Durand
Photo and video tutorial series for using a GoPro underwater


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