Light & Motion GoBe Light Review

Photo, Video, Fluoro and Topside from the Same Light Body
By Brent Durand

Light & Motion’s GoBe light has become a popular option for divers since it’s launch in fall 2013. The stylish compact design stands out from other lights on the dive boat while performance is what you would expect from Light & Motion (manufacturers of Sola lights).

I have been demoing a GoBe 2.2 Ah body with 500 wide, 500 spot, red focus light and Nightsea lightheads the past couple weeks on several different housing / camera combos. Thanks to our sister company, Bluewater Photo, for helping make this happen. Below are my impressions from the dives.


The GoBe Light

The GoBe has many benefits. Aside from being affordable, is it very lightweight and can be used as a dive light, focus light, red focus light, fluoro diving light, bicycle light and countless other topside activities. The fact that you can change lightheads (above water) makes it a great light for newer divers/photographers who will slowly add more heads and also for more seasoned divers/photographers wanting light for a specific application.

The lightheads themselves are very easy to change as long as you keep an eye on the o-rings (as underwater photographers we know this well)!

The power button is very easy to depress, which is great because it doesn’t move when mounted on a housing and pushing with one finger. Battery power level indicator is a must, especially for those who night dive frequently.




  • 2 bodies available (2.2 Ah and 3.0 Ah Li-Ion)

    • The 3.0 AH has a longer burn time for the 700 lumen and 500 search lightheads

  • 6 different lightheads

  • Available in several kits based on intended use

  • 5 power modes

    • High, Medium, Low, Extended, SOS

  • Easy-to-push power button with power level indicator

  • Various mounting options

  • Only 160 grams

  • USB rechargeable li-ion battery


GoBe 2.2 / 500 Spot used for sharp focus on moving subject. Canon 5D MkIII, Aquatica housing, 100mm macro lens, 2x strobes.  Photo: Brent Durand




Wide Lighthead

Brightness (lumens):  700

Beam Angle:  60 degrees

Burn Time (with 3.0 body):  1.5hrs at 700 lumens (high), 12hrs at 100 lumens (low)

Best Uses:  Focus or Video light, hiking, camping or other activities where field of view is more important than beam distance.



Spot Lightheads

Brightness (lumens):  500 & 700

Beam Angle:  20 degrees

Burn Time: 

o   500 (with 2.2 body):  1.5hrs at 500 lumens (high), 12hrs at 70 lumens (low)

o   700  (with 3.0 body):  1.5 hrs at 700 lumens (high), 12hrs at 100 lumens (low)

Best Uses:  Dive light, cycling, trail running or general flashlight.


GoBe 2.2 / 500 Spot as focus light & Nikon D7100, Nauticam housing, 60mm macro lens, 2x strobes.  Photo: Brent Durand


Search Lighthead

Brightness (lumens): 500

Beam Angle:  8 degrees

Burn Time:  500 (with 3.0 body):  2.2hrs at 500 lumens (high), 18hrs at 70 lumens (low)

Best Uses:  Technical dive light, signaling, illuminating distant objects



Red Focus Lighthead

Brightness (lumens):  165

Beam Angle:  60 degree

Best Uses:  Focus light for critters that are sensitive to white light, outdoors to maintain night vision (night photography, kayaking, etc)



Nightsea Lighthead

Brightness:  .7w

Beam Angle:  20 degrees

Best Uses:  Fluoro diving & underwater fluoro photography. The GoBe Nightsea isn't as powerful as the larger Nightsea light, but provides enough blue light for great photographs on cameras that can handle higher ISOs. Every diver will have a thrill night diving with the GoBe Nightsea and the Nightsea mask filter.


GoBe Nightsea & Canon 5D Mk III, Aquatica housing, 100mm macro lens.
Photo: Brent Durand


GoBe Nightsea & Canon 5D Mk III, Aquatica housing, 100mm macro lens.
Photo: Brent Durand



GoBe & GoPro

The GoBe can be paired with Light & Motion’s compact camera tray & flex arm to create a compact underwater video rig. I tested the 500 spot lighthead with a GoPro Hero 3+ and it was a great combo. The single light illuminated the field of view of the camera when shooting close to the subject of the reef, while the handles helped keep the camera steady for all shots. I would recommend, however, purchasing the 700 wide lighthead if video is the primary use of the light.


The author testing the 500 spot with the compact camera tray and flex arm.


Note: If you're shooting wide-angle (or any shot where you're not within your video light's range), it's best to turn off the light and use a GoPro Underwater Video Filter.




The GoBe light system is a versatile light and a great option for divers who want a compact, lightweight light at a nice price point.

Ideal for:  Those looking for a lightweight, dive/photo/video light or light for UV night diving.

Not Ideal for:  Underwater photographers who frequently switch between red and white light, and u/w fluoro photographers who want to look at the larger (and more powerful) Sola Nightsea.

For more information on purchasing the GoBe, visit Bluewater Photo’s Light & Motion GoBe Light page.


The GoBe light & handlebar mount provide light to gear up for a night dive.



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Brent Durand is a weekend wanderer and story teller from California.

Brent is an avid diver and adventure photographer, and shoots underwater any time he can get hands on a camera system. He can be reached at

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