2010 Ocean Art Photo Contest Winners

Ocean Art Photo Contest Winners 2010
By Scott Gietler

 Ocean Art 2010 Competition Winners

$67,000 worth of prizes

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Big thanks to Marty Snyderman, Bonnie Pelnar, Martin Edge,and Chris Newbert for judging the competition.

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compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Keri Wilk, Best of Show

"Crocodile Smile"


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Phil Sokol, 1st Place, Wide Angle

"Under the Jetty"

Phil lives in San Diego, California


All Wide Angle Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Keri Wilk, 1st Place, Macro

"Starry night"

Keri lives near Toronto, Canada


All Macro Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Keri Wilk, 1st Place, Marine Life Portrait


All Marine Life Portrait Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Matt Tworkowski, 1st Place, Marine Life Behavior

"On Guard"

Matt is from Australia


All Marine Life Behavior Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Jeffrey Hartog, 1st Place, Diver / Fashion

"Elizabeth Pool study #32"

Jeff lives in Florida, USA


All Diver / Fashion Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Enrico Pati, 1st Place, Nudibranchs


Enrico is from Italy


All Nudibranch Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Bettina Balnis, 1st Place, Supermacro

"First Lesson in Life"

Bettina is from Germany


All Supermacro Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Jonas Samuelsson, 1st Place, Novice dSLR

"Close-up pipefish"

Jonas lives in Sweden


All Novice dSLR Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Eddy Wong, 1st Place, Compact Wide Angle

"Starry Day"

Eddy lives in Boston, USA


All Compact Wide Angle Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

Karel Bernard, 1st Place, Compact Macro

"Hermit's Love"

Karel is from Estonia


All Compact Camera Macro Winners


compact wide angle underwater photo contest winner

 Massimiliano Muratore, 1st Place, Compact Behavior

"Cuttlefish Lunch"

Massimiliano lives in Italy


All Compact Camera Behavior Winners


Note from the Competition Chair:

I want to thank everyone for entering the competition, and I want to congratulate all the winners. There were so many excellent images, that the judges had a very difficult time determining the winners. 

I hope you all decide to enter the competition again next year! And if you are in LA stop in my new underwater camera store to say hi.

Scott Gietler
Owner, Underwater Photography Guide

PS - which image was your favorite? Feel free to post your thoughts here.



Complete List of Winners

Best of Show
Keri Wilk


Wide Angle
1st place, Phil Sokol
2nd Place, Pedro Carrillo
3rd Place, Edwar Herreno
4th Place, Mark Thomas
HR, Peter Allinson
HR, Fredrik Ehrenström
HR, Ross Gudgeon

1st place, Keri Wilk
2nd Place, Alessandro Pagano
3rd Place, Bettina Balni
4th Place, Adriano Morettin
HR, Olaf Brettschneider
HR, Fredrik Ehrenström
HR, Mauro Apuleo

Marine Life Portrait
1st place, Keri Wilk
2nd Place, Peter Allinson
3rd Place, Noam Kortler
4th Place, Erin Quigley
HR, Steve de Neef
HR, Luc Rooman
HR, Fredrik Ehrenström

1st place, Matthew Tworkowski
2nd Place, Steven Kovacs
3rd Place, Steven Kovacs
4th Place, Edwar Herreno
HR, Uwe Schmolke
HR, Dennis Vandermeersch
HR, Dany Weinberg

Diver / Fashion
1st place, Jeffrey Hartog
2nd Place, David Benz,
3rd Place, Noam Kortler
4th Place, Jeffrey Hartog
HR, Mario Jaio Lopez
HR, Jeffrey Hartog
HR, Giordano Cipriani
HR, Leslie June Gehring

1st place, Enrico Pati
2nd Place, Kevin Lee
3rd Place, Indra Swari
4th Place, Bettina Balnis
HR, Steven Kovac
HR, David Henshaw
HR, Steven Kovacs

1st place, Bettina Balnis
2nd Place, Jeff de Guzman
3rd Place, Pedro Carrillo
4th Place, Fredrik Ehrenström
HR, Tobias Friedrich
HR, Katarzyna Battenfeld
HR, Steven Kovacs

Novice dSLR
1st place, Jonas Samuelsson
2nd Place, Will Clark
3rd Place, Bruno Moors
4th Place, Kirk Kilfoyle
HR, Bo Pardau
HR, Bo Pardau
HR, Frederic Panza

Compact Wide Angle
1st place, Eddy Wong
2nd Place, Ryan Daly
3rd Place, Matt Tworkowski
4th Place, Patrick Torresan
HR, Eddy Wong
HR, Jackie Campbell
HR, Jamie Coote

Compact Macro
1st place, Karel Bernard
2nd Place, Bettina Balnis
3rd Place, Bruno Van Saen
4th Place, David Guth
HR, James Lyle
HR, Kevin Lee
HR, Marcus Commodore

Compact camera behavior
1st place, Massimiliano Muratore
2nd Place, George Jolokai
3rd Place, Brad Pryde
4th Place, Steven Murvine
HR, Jacob Daniel Hein
HR, Daniel Norwood
HR, Rand McMein



Contest Sponsors


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ultralight control systems

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Two Fish Divers is located in an unbelievable great location on Bunaken Island, Sulawesi - close to excellent diving. They also have a resort in nearby Lembeh, so an underwater photographer can split their time between the two resorts. Experience beautiful corals, lots of fish, amazing small critters, and some larger exciting creatures including reef sharks, turtles and barracudas.  




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ReefNet has been developing unique marine technologies for more than 15 years. Their products combine smart engineering with elegant design, solving problems with style. Prizes from Reefnet include their famous Subsee diopter and adapter for supermacro photography.




 Scuba Club Cozumel is the island's first dedicated dive resort built by divers, for divers. Scuba Club Cozumel is located right on the waterfront just a mile south of town. Scuba-Cozumel is the in-house dive op with a fleet of seven dive boats that board from a private pier just footsteps from your comfortable room. All meals are scheduled around the diving. SCC offers NITROX and free unlimited shore diving.




 Aquamarine Diving Bali is well known for specializing in custom Bali dive safaris for divers and underwater photographers. They offer fast boats, great accommodation options and experienced guides that know where all the best photo subjects are.



 Marine Camera is a California based underwater camera store known for the excellent technical expertise of photographer Lee Peterson, and great service for local and international customers alike.




Sea Saba is your paradise in the Caribbean. It offers unspoiled diving with no cruise ships or shopping malls. They pride themselves on the highest levels of service.





Diving Unlimited is known worldwide for making drysuits and undergarments of the highest quality - proudly made in San Diego, California.





Mimpi Dive resort offers a botique resort experience in two excellent locations in Bali, Tulamben and Menjangen. Both resorts offer excellent waterfront locations, high-ceiling marble rooms, thatched-roof cottages, sea-front restaurants and a pool, spa, and dive center





Blue Abyss Photo is an underwater photo and video store in Southern California offering a great selection and personalized, friendly service.





 Sea & Sea is on of the best known names in underwater imaging equipment, offering high-quality housings, strobes and much more.



 Divers Direct has been selling dive equipment since 1984. Divers Direct provides brands, more items, more choices than any other dive shop for dive gear and tropical adventure clothing.





Island Dreams is one of the most well known dive travel experts, specializing in the Caribbean and the Pacific. Owner Ken Knezick has 30 years of expertise in custom dive travel.





Absolute Scuba Bali offers excellent accommodation and diving in one of Bali's best areas for diving, Padang Bai. Enjoy Mantas, Molas and plentiful macro critters.





Ikelite has a long history of making strobes, dive lights, underwater housing and more for photographers worldwide since 1962, and are famous for their commitment to company service.




2010 Ocean Art Photo Contest Winners
Scott Gietler
Ocean Art Photo Contest Winners 2010


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