Marine Life Underwater

Comprehensive Guide to Learning About our Photo Subjects
By Scott Gietler

No where on the planet can you enjoy the diversity of marine life as you can underwater. Marine life underwater photography will never disappoint you - there is always more marine life to see and photograph in new ways. Please enjoy the following articles:



marine life underwater

Sweetlips fish from Bali, beautiful example of underwater marine life.


Marine Life & Underwater Photography


Marine Life Behavior

  • Examples of underwater marine life behavior such as yawning, fighting, mating, predation, cleaning 

Marine Taxonomy

  • Taxonomy guide to marine invertebrates and vertebrates 

California Marine Life

  • Guide to California marine life such as fish, mammals, and invertebrates

Indo-Pacific Macro Life and Critter List

  • Guide to Indo-pacific macro critters and photogenic fish

Hawaiian Marine Life

  • Keiko Stender's guide to the Flora and Fauna of Hawaii

Pacific Northwest Marine Life

  • Janna Nichols's fish and invert id galleries 

Fish Photography

  • Guide to photographing fish - the favorite activity for marine life enthusiasts.

Sea Turtle Photography

  • The Ultimate Guide to Sea Turtle photography underwater

Shark Photography

  • Photographing sharks, where to find them, lighting and lens selection

Underwater Photography of Jellyfish & Pelagic Invertebrates

  • Trying out underwater photography in blue water

Facts about Orcas, aka Killer Whales

  • An overview of the life of orcas, including range and habitat, food, size and conservation efforts 

Ultimate Guide to Manta Rays

  • Types of mantas, distribution, food and photo tips


Featured Marine Life Articles:


Face to Face with Killer Whales

5 Critters You Must See in the Indo-Pacific

10 Underwater Creature Facts You Didn't Know

Inside Look Photos: Training Sharks to Eat Lionfish

Fascinating Creatures of the Pacific Northwest

Once in a Lifetime Humpback Whale Experience


ReefID: Not sure what you saw? Find it here

Basking Sharks - Where and how to photograph basking sharks

Black Sea Bass - gentle giants of California

Blue-ringed Octopus - this deadly, beautiful octopus can kill a human

Bobbit Worm - Dispelling common myths about this ambush predator

Cardinalfish - How to photograph mouthbrooding cardinalfish (eggs!)

Frogfish - Master of ambush and camoflauge

Giant Kelp Forests - Forests under the sea, an experience like no other

Harlequin Shrimp - The slow-motion samuri of tropical reefs

Leafy Sea Dragon - Photography tips and natural history of this beautiful fish

Manatees - Diving and photographing manatees in Florida

Nudibranchs - Natural history and underwater photography tips

Orcas - Everything you need to know about orcas (killer whales)

Pacific Seahorse - the only seahorse on the west coast of the Americas

Rhinopias - One of the "Holy Grail" of all critters

Whale Sharks - How to photograph whale sharks, plus Isla Mujeres travel tips

Wonderpus Octopus - Beautiful predator octopus of the black sand

Marine Life Underwater
Scott Gietler
Comprehensive Guide to Learning About our Photo Subjects


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