Canon G9 Underwater Housings

Canon G9 Underwater Housings


Canon G9 Camera


The Canon G9 camera is a 12.1 megapixel camera with RAW, full manual controls, 35-210mm lens, hot shoe and very good sensor. The Canon G9 gives excellent results underwater especially when used with macro or wide-angle wet lenses and 1 or 2 strobes.


Canon G9 with the Canon Housing


The Canon WP-DC21 underwater housing is produced by Canon. Lightweight and inexpensive, it is well known for accepting stacked INON Macro Lenses.


canon g9 underwater photo

Nudibranch showing rhinophores. Taken by Edvin Eng with a Canon G9 camera, Canon housing, Inon Z240 strobe and stacked Inon UCL165 macro lenses.


canon g9 underwater photo

Two gobies, photo by Edvin Eng, with stacked UCL165 macro lenses.


Edvin Eng's underwater photography tips for the Canon G9

  • When using the Inon macro lenses, zoom slightly to clear any vignetting
  • I like to zoom in about half way, and shoot at F8
  • I like to use a powerful strobe for my macro shots


Wide-angle options with the Canon G9 and Canon Housing


Because of the long zoom lens on this camera, and the long canon port, there are not any good wide-angle options. I've read about some people trying a Dyron wide-angle lens, and other people have purchased an adapter that allows 67mm threaded lenses, but you'll have to zoom in and don't expect great results. Try searching for "Eyedapter G9".


Canon G9 Ikelite Housing


The Ikelite housing has a reputation for being larger than the OEM housing, sturdier, and more expensive. When used with the optional Ikelite short port, an Inon UWL-100 lens can be used to give pretty good wide angle results underwater, when combined with a dome port.  The regular port can take 67mm threaded macro lenses.


Also, the Ikelite housing comes equipped with built-in TTL, which can be used in all camera modes except for manual mode.


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