Canon G10 Underwater Housings

Canon G10 camera for underwater photography
By Scott Gietler

The Canon G10 is an excellent topside compact camera, one of the best out there due to it's superior handling and controls, excellent 14.7 megapixel sensor, RAW capability, full manual controls, and wide 28mm lens. However, due to the long zoom range, it may not be as ideal a camera underwater as other cameras, depending on the housing choice.



Like other Canon cameras, Canon TTL works in P, TV, and AV modes. This is true whether using an internal flash topside, Ikelite TTL, or a strobe fired via fiber optics. In manual mode, you must set the strobe power manually.


canon g10 underwater photo

Soft coral crab, photo by Edvin Eng. Canon g10 + canon housing, stacked Inon macro lenses.


Comparing the Canon G10 to other cameras



Some people feel the 15 megapixels of the Canon G10 was too many, and the Canon G11 has only 10 megapixels. In underwater photography, this is not a big concern, and wet lenses and housing choices should be your main concern. 


I do not expect image quality of underwater photos to be noticeably different between those of a Canon G11 or Canon S90.



Canon G10 WP-DC28 Underwater Housing


With the Canon OEM housing, there is no wide-angle lens support, only a flat port so only shoots at 35mm equivalent. No access to the dial, so changing manual settings takes 2 hands. This housing is light, compact and inexpensive. When zoomed out and using the internal flash, there may be some light falloff when doing close-up shots due to the size of the port, although it is not as bad as with the Ikelite housing.


10bar makes an adapter than allows you to add macro wet lenses to this housing.


canon g10 underwater photo

Crocodile fish eye, photo by Edvin Eng. Canon G10 with Canon housing, stacked Inon macro lenses.


Canon G10 Ikelite Housing


No wide-angle support, so it shoots at 35mm equivalent. If you pay extra for the Ikelite W-20 wide-angle lens, you will back to semi-wide angle at a little better than 28mm. There are also 3rd party dome ports that will give you back the original 28mm angle of view.


The internal flash is blocked by the port for close-up shots, so an external strobe is required for macro shots. There is access to the dial for manual controls. At this time, no support for wet lenses. The Ikelite housing comes with TTL capability and sync cord connections.



Canon G10 Fix Housing


The Fisheye Canon G10 Fix Housing is an excellent, although expensive choice for the Canon G10. A separate port allows you to attach wide-angle lenses. It also has an adapter for macro lenses, but you can't shoot wide-angle and macro on the same dive. This housing is very compact, and very light. However, because the controls are so close together, it can hard to use with bare hands or thick gloves


The FIX UWL-04 fisheye conversion lens, which has a dome port can give a very wide angle of view. Don't forget to put the camera into macro mode when using a dome port, because of the location of the virtual image. The lens easily snaps on and off via a bayonet mount.


With this housing you will also need to use duct tape to block the internal flash, especially when using a wide-angle lens, to avoid getting the flash in the photo.


Seatool makes a snap on diopter for close-up macro shots with the standard port.


Canon G10 Patima Housing


no wet lenses, but comes with a short port, which can take macro lenses, and a WA port, which gives you 28mm. So you can't shoot macro and wide angle on the same dive.


Canon G10 10Bar Housing


10Bar also makes a G10 housing, details are here



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hi Can I use an external


Can I use an external strobe with the canon housing?

Do I need a waterproof case

Do I need a waterproof case before I bring this camera underwater or is it already waterproof?


The Canon G10 is not

The Canon G10 is not waterproof.  Yes, you need an underwater housing.

Michael Zeigler [url][/url]

hi mate... i have a canon g10

hi mate... i have a canon g10 with patima housing....

do you know anybody who knows how to mount the led blue light on the top of the housing.....??

Also , when im making a photo and i try to do zoom... the camera stops and tells me zoom error,restast camera.... and pissed me off a lot?what shall i do!!! is urgent man!


Hi Scott, Thank you so much

Hi Scott,
Thank you so much for your informative website! What a fabulous resource for photographers of all levels! I am diving Northern Vancouver Island with my new Canon G11, Canon housing and seaandsea YS17 strobe. I am struggling with the learning curve quite a bit! I have gone from completely 'burned out' pictures, to too dark, and am defaulting back to 'Auto' mode just to get a few 'decent' shots on each dive. i am also finding changing the manual settings very challenging underwater, Any advice you can offer will be greatly appreciated!

I just got a G11 with a

I just got a G11 with a matching canon housing and I'm going diving soon. Thanks Scott for your website. This will be my guide as I set out on my new hobby. Wish me luck!

deep inside myself

thanks Sunni - good luck,

thanks Sunni - good luck, send me one of your photos after you've done some diving - Scott 

Scott Gietler Owner/Editor, Underwater Photography Guide & Bluewater Photo

I have used a G10 with the

I have used a G10 with the Patima Housing. In my opinion, if someone goes as far as G10 and Patima Housing he or she is better off going straight for a professional camera and housing since the G10 / Patima will not deliver the results which someone would expect for the money he spent.

Salut Willie, I own a Patima

Salut Willie,
I own a Patima housing - although for a G11. Sometimes there are reasons for the choice of a solid housing other than sheer performance: I do not know anything better for this price when you intend to take a camera along for mixed gas diving. This housing is proof up to 120 metres (360 ft.) thus covering more than my needs...However, my Z240 would not make the depths beyond 60m (180 ft.) and is the Achilles heel of my setup...
Greets, Johnnie