SharkTees launches diving T-Shirts

By Scott Gietler

New Collection of T-shirts, With a View

SharkTees – Makes the Teeference

Underwater photography Michel Braunstein has helped launched the SharkTees website. Michel is also the owner of the popular scuba diving community website

SharkTees is a company that offers an exceptional collection of T-Shirt designs, including scuba T-Shirts, zodiac T-Shirts, celebs T-Shirts, eco T-Shirts, humor T-Shirts and more. These T-Shirts dare to make a difference, featuring innovative, original, creative and exclusive ideas, based on the world of scuba diving, underwater photography, celebs, horoscope, humor, politics and ecology.

One of the most fascinating facts about SharkTees T-Shirt designs, is that they are all created by the famous and talented artist, caricaturist, scuba diver, journalist, world news specialist and T-Shirt freak, Shlomo Cohen.


Shlomo Cohen, the artist behind Sharktee

Shlomo Cohen, the artist behind Sharktee t-shirts


Shlomo Cohen has been diving since 1969. Back then, dive sites in the Red Sea were hardly mapped and the most impressive coral reefs were mainly a matter of rumor. Shlomo’s natural tendency to creativity led him to an adventurous experience, in which he had slowly revealed the most attractive Red Sea dive sites, mapped them within extraordinary accurate drawings and released the first Red Sea dive sites guide in 1975. Dive sites discovered and mapped by Shlomo back then are nowadays some of the most popular dive sites in the Red Sea, including the world famous Dunraven wreck.

However, throughout the years, the scuba diving world served only as one source of inspiration out of many for Shlomo. His impressive general knowledge and deep acquaintance with a variety of fields, such as politics, environmental conservation considerations and cultural issues, led to a wide variety of creations dealing with almost any theme one can come up with.


"Houston we have a problem...": Fried world design


One of Shlomo’s prized eco designs called “Fried World”


On the SharkTees Scuba T-shirts website you will find a wide variety of designs and caricatures created by Shlomo, offered to be printed on high quality 160 grams (5.64 ounce) cotton T-Shirts within an advanced, state-of-the-art digital printing method.

These exclusive and innovative T-Shirts can be ordered through the SharkTees website. A user friendly platform has been established in order to allow you to fully customize your T-Shirt, including model, color, size and printed design. In addition to the original T-Shirt model, you can also find on SharkTees a nice selection of long sleeve shirts, tank-tops and V color shirts. Once ordered, T-Shirts can be shipped to almost anywhere in the world.


Sharktee Design

Funny and stylish, one of Sharktee t-shirts


For diving centers, institutions or shops, T-Shirts can also be personalized with the company logo.


An underwater photography category of T-shirts is planned for the near future.


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