New Nexus Glass Dome Ports

New Nexus Glass Dome Port for Nexus Underwater Housings


These new ports from Nexus are for housings with the M6 port size. You can read about the different Nexus port sizes on our Nexus underwater housing page.


Nexus glass dome port for the Nikon 14-24mm lens


nexus glass dome port


Nexus has released a new glass dome port for use with the Nikon 14-24mm lens. The 14-24 dome with the 60mm extension has manual focus control, and the Zoom is operated from the control on the housing.



Strobe comparison - Sea & Sea YS-110 vs Inon Z240

Strobe comparison test

Inon Z240 versus Sea & Sea Ys-110


There are many strobe qualities important to the underwater photographer, such as coverage, color temp, size, recycle time and strength - usually measured with a guide number.


I suspected my Inon strobe was stronger than my S&S Ys110, but I wanted to test it to see exactly what the difference was.