Hot Products at the Long Beach Scuba Show

The Long Beach Scuba Show was quite busy this past weekend, and many exhibitors were showing off their newest products.
By Michael Zeigler

New Products Featured at the 2013 Long Beach Scuba Show

By Michael Zeigler


The 2013 Long Beach Scuba Show was packed with people seeking out the latest-and-greatest products!



SeaLife showing off their DC1400 Maxx Duo, which includes their SL975 Fisheye Wide-Angle Lens. This easy-to-attach lens increases the field of view by 80%! It can also be used above water for amazing landscape photos.


Karl Schuster at SeaLife shows off the super cool AquaPod (SL913). This compact accessory extends from 18" to 53" and fits all cameras with a standard tripod mount. It also includes an adapter for GoPro cameras!



Doug Taleski, president of i-torch, proudly shows off the new iPix A5 housing for the iPhone 5. There is a custom app available at the App Store, along with buttons on the enclosure to optimize still and video camera functions up to 183 feet! It also includes an integrated universal tripod mount which works great when attaching it to a tray and light set-up. Lens bezel allows for the attachment of external filters and lenses (pictured).


i-torch's yet-to-be-released Video Pro6 features white, red, and purple (UV) modes. This 2400 lumen light, along with a 110 degree beam angle make this a serious contender when shopping for video lights. It boasts a one-hour burn time when at 100% and includes batteries, a charger, and YS mount. The Video Pro6 is due out in July.



i-torch's new Gen 1.2 light is due out later this month. It features 2000 lumens (2400 in over-drive mode), a 110 degree beam angle, white and red modes, and a burn time of 100 minutes at 2000 lumens. The Gen 1.2 includes four batteries, battery charger, and YS mount.



At over 220 lumens in a featherweight 4 ounce frame, Ikelite's Gamma light boasts the highest power to weight ratio in its class. Military-grade anodizing and a double o-ring seal provide corrosion-proof and waterproof operation up to 400ft (120m). A heavy duty mechanical tail switch provides either continuous or momentary lighting at the touch of a button!



If you own a GoPro, be sure to check out the Octomask! Octomask's built in GoPro Camera mount offers divers a great way to shoot incredible video while diving in addition to keeping your hands free.



The Bluewater Photo & Video booth always had a steady stream of traffic. They featured the lastest from all of their vendors including Nauticam, Sea & Sea, Recsea, Aquatica, and many more!



Not to be out-done, Bluewater Photo & Video highlighted their own line of wet lenses, including this +7 macro lens. This all new lens is designed with a dual lens element and is vacuumed sealed. The Bluewater Macro Lens is a must have for all compact and mirrorless camera set-ups!



Mayan at Fantasea shows off their FG15 housing for the Canon G15. Released just last month, the Fantasea FG15 housing is depth rated to 60m/200 feet and is fully functional with ergonomically designed and labeled controls. It also features an audible and visual leak alarm!



Oceanic is about to release its latest dive computer, the OCi. According to Oceanic's website, the "i" stands for Incredible. The Oceanic OCi is an advanced all-in-one dive computer featuring Oceanic’s exclusive Dual Algorithm, wireless air-integration, digital compass, and so much more.  All in a strong, lightweight housing. For more information, please visit



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