NEW Beneath the Surface Buoyancy Float System

New Floats for BtS Ball-Jointed Arms
By UWPG News


NEW Beneath the Surface Buoyancy Float System

New Floats for BTS Ball-Jointed Arms

By UWPG News, August 11, 2014


Beneath the Surface Floats



Beneath the Surface (BtS) has released a float system for their ball-jointed arms. The lack of a float system was a major drawback to the system for macro shooters (wide-angle domes contain enough air to offset some of a rig's weight underwater, however macro ports have much less air).

This is great news for those using or considering BtS arms and clamps for their strobes and video lights, for compact, mirrorless and DSLR housings.


Availability:  Now!

MSRP:  $39.95, $49.95 or $59.95 USD (see release below)


Buy the Beneath the Surface Floats on Bluewater Photo

Bluewater Photo can help you decide if Beneath the Surface arms and clamps are right for you, along with different housing options and more.

Beneath the Surface Products is proud to announce our newest creation, the buoyancy float system. Designed specifically for the BtS ball-jointed arms, our new float system is easy to install, adjustable to suit personal needs, lightweight and very affordable. Each 2" float segment yields up to +4 ounces of buoyancy, so even the heaviest underwater camera system will be "lightened up" substantially. Our floats are manufactured from a new high-tech, high density foam and have been thoroughly tested to well beyond sport diving depths.
Available as three different kits to accommodate our most popular arm combinations:


BF-3: 3 float kit for 3" - 5" BtS arms:  $39.95

BF-5: 5 float kit for 5" - 8" BtS arms:  $49.95

BF-7: 7 float kit for 8" - 10" BtS arms:  $59.95


Below is a photo of one of our Pros, Andrew Sallmon, using our float system.  Notice Andy is balancing his rig on his fingers NOT holding the handles!

Beneath the Surface Floats




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