Sigma 8-16mm conclusions for landscape photography

The Sigma 8-16mm lens is an excellent lens. I love shooting ultra-wide photography. So the question is - is it worth the extra money over a lens like the Sigma 10-20mm? Is it better than the Nikon 10-24mm?

In my opinion, the real reason to buy this lens is for the extra jump from 10mm to 8mm. But do you need that extra 2mm of wideness?

It really depends on the type of photography you want to do. During the time I spend taking photos with lens above water, I think I would have been happy at 10mm. I love using small flowers as a foreground subject, and I often found myself zooming in slightly with the 8-16mm lens. Still, there are always instances where you can never be wide enough, and if you don't already have an ultra-wide lens, and have the budget, this could be an excellent choice. 


Great zoom range for wide-angle photography. Excellent sharpness, build quality, & image quality.


More expensive than the Sigma 10-20mm, bulbous front element means no filters.

Other alternatives:

Sigma 10-20mm, Nikon 10-24mm, Tokina F2.8 11-16mm

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