Honorable Mention Marine Life Behavior Lionel Houde

Honorable Mention Macro

Lionel Houde

"Pike Dinner"


The Story: September 2021, at 20h00 during the end of a deep dive ( 33 meters), in an old quary close to the Rhine near Strasbourg. I saw an unusual agitation around 5 meters deep. A big pike was hunting another one and caught it. My approach was very slow. I stopped. After a few minutes, the pike came to me in the dark and I shot it. At the end of this story the big pike swallowed the other one hidden in the milfoil grass.

Location:  France, Strasbourg, Holtzheim

Equipment Used: Olympus EM1 Camera, Housing Aquatica AE-M1 Housing, Dual Retra Pro Strobes, Panasonic Lumix 7/14mm f-4 Lens, Port Aquatica SW8

Camera Settings: F5.6, 1/100 sec, ISO 320


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