3rd Place Wide Angle Hannah Le Leu

3rd Place Wide Angle

Hannah Le Leu

"Against All Odds"


The Story: At Heron Island, Australia, a Green Sea Turtle hatchling cautiously surfaces for air to a sky full of hungry birds. Against all odds, this hatchling must battle through the conditions of a raging storm whilst evading a myriad of predators. Not only has the tropical storm brought out thousands of circling birds, but there are also patrolling sharks and large schools of fish on the hunt for baby turtles. Only 1 in 1000 of these hatchlings will survive, will this one survive against all odds?

I predicted the turtle’s erratic movements to ensure that it was well positioned in the frame, and then I quickly lifted the dome halfway out of the water and took the shot before water droplets were able to form on the lens.

Location:  Heron Island, Queensland, Australia.

Equipment Used: Nikon D850 Camera, Nikon Fisheye Lens, Aquatica Housing, Dual Inon Z330 Strobes

Camera Settings: F20, 1/250 sec, ISO 1600


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