3rd Place Black & White Plamena Mileva

3rd Place Black & White

Plamena Mileva

"The Restlessness of a Condemned Soul"


The Story: I remember that my model had caught a cold and the descent to this depth had to be done with a very smooth and slow pressure equalization. Nevertheless, Ellie was an experienced model with an instructor classification, and once she reached the designated place, the photoshoot went smoothly. Two security divers took care of the the model. One of them gave air from another bottle through a 4 meter long hose to the regulator, at the signal given of the model. In order not to float up the model, was tied with weights through the ankle.

Location:  Satil Wreck, Eilat, Israel

Equipment Used: Canon 5D Mark III, Ikelite Housing, Dual Ikelite DS-161 Strobes

Camera Settings: F13, 1/200, ISO 500


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