1st Place Compact Wide Angle Kate Rister

1st Place Compact Wide Angle

Kate Rister



Kate Rister won a  Freeway Longhaul 75 Carryall Duffel Bag


The Story: Humpback whale mothers and their calves are seen annually in the shallow waters off of Moorea, Tahiti - typically between August and October. It's important to approach a mother and calf slowly and with respect - not every pair will stay in the area once they spot you. We were fortunate that this mother was quite comfortable in our presence, even encouraging her shy calf to get a closer look at us by pushing him towards us with her nose. 

Location:  Moorea, Tahiti

Equipment Used: Sony RXIV 100, Nauticam Housing, Nauticam Wide Angle Wet Lens

Camera Settings: F5, 1/160 sec, ISO 320


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