Honorable Mention Wide Angle Ocean Art 2020 Filip Staes

Honorable Mention Wide Angle

Filip Staes




The Story:  I have been going to the same lake for seven years now to photograph water lilies. During the summer months I regularly photograph these beautiful waterplants They grow in the wild in a big lake and I always use my scuba equipment  because the stems sometimes reach 3 meters of depth.. If you look at the picture you would think that this flower is completely under the water surface, but when you take a closer look you can see part of the flower above the water surface. This optical illusion was obtained by not completely submerging the dome port and tilting it upwards.

Location:  Turnhout, Belgium

Equipment Used: Nikon D7100 Camera, Hugyfot housing, Tokina 10-17mm Fishey Lens, Dual Retra Pro Strobes

 Camera Settings: 1/320, F16, ISO 100


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