Honorable Mention Underwater Conversation Ocean Art 2020 Alex Lindbloom

Honorable Mention Underwater Conservation

Alex Lindbloom

"Eco Tourism"



The Story: No matter how eco-conscious divers and operators may be it's important to remember that we still can have an impact on the marine life we interact with, especially when we come together in large numbers. This manta was eventually pushed from it's cleaning station as a result of all the guests from a liveaboard descending upon it. No matter how bad we want to see mantas or anything for that matter, if we don't observe basic protocols for interacting with marine life we risk having negative affects on their basic behavior. 

Location:  Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Equipment Used: Canon 7D, Tokina 10-17 fisheye, Nauticam Housing

Camera Settings: 1/100, F6.3, ISO 640


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