Honorable Mention Place Compact Wide Angle Ocean Art 2020 Na Mi

Honorable Mention Compact Wide Angle

Na Mi




The Story: This was an unexpected encounter. I was very nervous and afraid. I've been staring at the whale guide and following him floating on the sea. Suddenly, he pulled me hard and told me to look underwater. As soon as I lowered my head, two adult male whales were swimming slowly from the bottom of the sea. At this time, they were very, very close to me, as if they were about to hit me. When the whales noticed that I was there, they shifted its direction and swam beside me.

An adult whale weighs about 20 tons. If it is hit, the consequences are unimaginable! However, whales are smart. They know that we are near their fins.

Fortunately, this moment of avoidance was recorded by my camera!

Location:  Vava'u Island, Tonga

Equipment Used:  Olympus TG-5 Camera, Olympus PT-059 Housing

Camera Settings: 1/160, F2.8, ISO 100



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