3rd Place Macro Ocean Art 2020 Ludovic Galko-Rundgren

3rd Place Macro

Ludovic Galko-Rundgren

"Orange and Hairy"



The Story: At the end of December, 2019 we dived in Tulamben, Bali. The water was very warm and must have been for the critters as well as they were less abundant than we were accustomed to. But we knew the smallest creatures were stiil there, so I fit the super macro kit on my camera with the most significant magnifying power. Each day, Ajiex my Balinese friend/guide and I kept on coming back to the same dive spot. On the last dive of my trip we focused on a small piece of ground in the shallows looking for algae critters, this is how he found that tiny but bright orange hairy shrimps posing on a quite open grounds. This shrimp was carrying eggs. Ajiex helped me to get the appropriate snooted light, it was a piece of photographic cake to get that shot right. Easy UW photo only takes an interesting critter, a hawkeyed guide, some light, and a bit of perseverance and magnifying devices as well.  

Location:  Tulamben, Indonesia

Equipment Used: Canon 70D Camera, Nauticam Housing, Canon 100mm Macro Lens, Nauticam SMC-1 Wet Macro Lens, Retra Flash with a Retra LSD Snoot.

 Camera Settings: 1/250, F29, ISO 160



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