3rd Place Compact Behavior Ocean Art 2020 Jules Casey

3rd Place Compact Behavior

Jules Casey

"Life's Purpose"


Jules Casey won a 5 night 4 day dive package for one with 6 dives



The Story: A marine biologist had started to build an artificial reef a few hundred metres away from the Rye pier hoping it would provide a safe place for Octopus to lay their eggs. Within a matter of days this Octopus had settled in and began to lay her eggs. I checked on her progress over several weeks & watched as her tentacles tenderly cared for every egg. Due to lockdown and diving being restricted this was the last time I was able to visit her so I never knew if all her eggs hatched

Location:  Port Phillip Bay, Australia

Equipment Used:  Olympus TG-4 Camera, Olympus PT-056 Housing

Camera Settings: 1/200, F6.3, ISO 200


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