Honorable Mention Underwater Art Ocean Art 2018 Thomas Heckmann

Honorable Mention Underwater Art 

Thomas Heckmann

"The Jellyfish Treasure"



The Story: 2018 was the hottest year in Germany since the beginning of weather recording. So we had summer from April to October and a lot of time to work creatively in an outdoor pool. The jellyfish are aquarium accessories. In the wooden treasure chest we put two strobes with rsu and lead pieces. On the one hand to keep the box on the ground, on the other to attach the jellyfish with nearly invisible strings on the lead pieces. And finally all credit to the beautiful model Sonja, who had made this picture possible.

Location:  Pool in Germany

Equipment Used:  Nikon D800E, Seacam housing, 2X Subtronic pro 160 with dome diffuser (On the camera housing), 2X Subtronic Fusion with rsu and orange filters (In the treasure chest), 1 Subtronic Nova with rsu and orange filter above the model,1 Subtronic Mega color behind the model, Micro Nikkor 16 – 35 mm @ 20 mm

Settings: f/13, ISO 200, 1/250 sec

Home City: Gelsenkirchen, Germany


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