Honorable Mention Compact Wide Angle Ocean Art 2018 Miguel Ramirez

Honorable Mention Compact Wide Angle

Miguel Ramirez

St. Pierre, France

"Break the Surface"


Miguel won 5 night dive package for one with paid companion


The Story: Every year, from July to September, the humpback whales come to visit us on the island of Reunion. As we have the opportunity and the chance to go snorkeling to see them, I was able to make beautiful encounters and interactions.

This whale, and his calf, came closer to me, then suddenly left again ! I love this picture because we can appreciate the speed and power of the movement of his caudal.

In the same way this photo made it possible to identify this whale thanks to the grounds under its caudal one : her name is Lyre, and it had not returned to the island of Reunion since 2014!

Location:  Cap la Houssaye, in Reunion island 

Equipment Used:  Olympus TG5 Camera, Olympus PT-058 Housing, Weefine WFL02 Fisheye Wet Lens

Settings: F2.8, 1/320 sec, ISO 100


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