4th Place Mirrorless Macro Ocean Art 2018 Enrico Somogyi

4th Place Mirrorless Macro

Enrico Somogyi

"Seagrass Shrimp Disco"



The Story: I was very lucky to find a nice yellow seagrass shrimp sitting on a bottle. This was a good position to shoot a picture at eyelevel. For the picture I use a Inon S2000 with a Snoot and two different techniques. My spotter Obet hold some reflection material with a red colored torch behind the shrimp to get the bubble bokeh. For the colored Rings around  the shrimp I use a alu pipe (Magic Tube). Im very happy with the combination from the colors.

Location:  Anilao, Philippines

Equipment Used:  Olympus E-PL6, 10Bar Housing, Olympus 60mm Macro Lens, Inon S2000 Strobe with Snoot, Archon Flashlight, Homemade Magic Tube

Settings: F2.8, 1/250, ISO 200


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