2nd Place Nudibranch Ocean Art 2018 Fredrik Ehrenström

2nd Place Nudibranch

Fredrik Ehrenström

"Polycera quadrilineata Posing"


Fredrik won a gift $300 certificate to Bluewater Photo - a premier underwater photography online and retail shop!



The Story: This image was taken in the early spring 2012 at 10 m depth in the algal belt surrounding the old ferry dock of Bremsnes in Norway. Spring time is nudibranch time along the coasts of Scandinavia. The one-year-old adults spawn and large amounts of fully grown adults (3-4 cm) can be seen on the leaves of Oar Weed (Laminaria digitata), together with their curtainlike eggmasses. Some individuals raise their bodies in search for something, maybe another nudibranch for mating? This behavior has been utilized to get an image with a clean composition. 

Location:  Bremsnes, Norway

Equipment Used: Nikon  D200 Camera, Hugyfot Housing, Nikon 60mm Macro Lens, Dual Sea & Sea YS110a Strobes

Settings: F40, 1/80 sec, ISO 100


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