HM Mirrorless Behavior Ocean Art 2015 Lynn Wu

Honorable Mention, Mirrorless Behavior

Lynn Wu

"Symbiotic Relationship"


Lynn won a 7-night dive package with unlimited beach diving & bure upgrade at Wananavu, Fiji!


The story:  This photograph shows the symbiotic relationship between a Batfish and a Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse (Labroides Dimidiatus). The Batfish periodically come down close to the reef to allow Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse to remove parasites from their gills and skin, whilst the Cleaner Wrasse receive an easy meal. The moment, I was quiet and maintain an appropriate distance, and shoot this one.


Location:  Pemuteran Bay, Bali, Indonesia

Camera:  Olympus E-PL5, Olympus 60mm macro lens, Olympus housing, dual Inon z240 strobes

Settings:  ISO 200, f/11, 1/125



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