HM Macro Ocean Art 2015 So Yat Wai

Honorable Mention Macro

So Yat Wai

"Porcelain Crab"



So won a 4-day dive Package with Scuba Seraya in Bali, Indonesia!


The story:  I am always interest in looking for marine creatures in giant barrel sponges since there are a lot of critters like squat lobsters and porcelain crabs. I was really attracted by the colour of this porcelain crab. The biggest difficulty of taking this photo was that the lamented structure of barrel sponge always blocks the strobe light. Therefore I needed to wait for the crab stay near the edge of sponge. Front lighting was also a good way to get rid of blockage by sponge.

Location:  Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia 

Camera:  Canon 5D MkIII, Sea & Sea Housing, Canon 100mm macro lens, SMC, dual Inon z240 strobes, Light & Motion Photo 800 focus light



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