HM Compact Behavior Ocean Art 2015 Kiyoung Jang

Honorable Mention, Compact Marine Life Behavior

Kiyoung Jang

"Underwater Surfer" 


Kiyoung won a gift certificate from Bluewater Travel!

The story:  This skeleton shrimp(approximately 1cm) resembles a surfer holding surfing board. I took this photo in boracay, during a night dive at angol point.  i found this skeleton shrimp at around 8 meters and i watched for 15mins as it tried to catch  it's preys. Finally it was successful to catch preys two times;  at first it got a small one  and 5min later it caught a prey much larger than itself. 

Location:  Boracay island, Philippines

Camera:  Olympus TG-3 and i-TORCH(carbonicII)


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