HM Wide-Angle Ocean Art 2015 Scott Portelli

Honorable Mention Wide-Angle

Scott Portelli

"The Game"


Bluewater Travel

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The story:  Each year thousands of Giant Australian Cuttlefish aggregate in a little place called Whyalla in South Australia, tucked away at the top of the Spencer gulf. They aggregate in the thousands to breed and deposit the next generation of cuttlefish in the shallow waters and rocky outcrops. This is truly one of nature’s great events and has rarely been seen in these numbers in previous years. Cuttlefish numbers decrease dramatically in 2014 and scientists were concerned that they would not recover, but in 2015 they came back with a vengeance as thousands lined the shallow rocky shores around Whyalla. The only place in the world where this phenomenon of nature occurs is in this small South Australia town.

Location:  Whyalla, South Australia

Camera:  Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 15mm Fisheye lens



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