5th Nudibranchs Ocean Art 2015 Stefano Scortegagna

5th Place, Nudibranchs

 Stefano Scortegagna

"Chromodorididae Beautiful Risbecia"


Stefano won a gift certificate from Bluewater Travel!


The story:  The photograph was taken in October 2015 to Anilao to about 15m depth during a dive with limited visibility due to too much current and the suspension in the water ... a lot during this dive we found many subjects but this nudibranch especially me fascinated by the colors and the wonderful gills open ... this subject had dimensions of about 7 / 8cm and was walking on the wall.

The difficulty I encountered was to maintain a perfect position since the current would not let me stay still during shooting, also want to clarify that for me it was one of the first diving reflex, my experience with the Nikon D800E is began in late April 2015.’

Location:  Anilao, Philippines

Camera:  Nikon D800E, Subal housing, Nikon 105mm macro lens

Settings:  f22, 1/250, ISO 160



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