6th Place Portrait Ocean Art 2015 Domenico Roscigno

6th Place Portrait

Domenico Roscigno




Domenico won a gift certificate from Bluewater Travel!


The story:  The shot was made during a night dive, I tried to approach more and more just to emphasize the prospect of this subject quite slender, the fish was very quiet and seemed quite disturbed by our lights, and then tended to scapparee to move away quickly then I followed him for a long way away from other photographers and once I saw it quieter I approached and with a quick, firm I approached the dome of my little porthole centimeters from snout of the animal , so being able to get this picture that due to the effect of perspective brings out the elusive geometry and straight!


Location:  Republic of Maldives Baa Atoll

Camera:  Nikon D800E, Nikon 10.5mm fisheye lens, Seacam housing with minidome, 45 degree viewfinder, dual Inon z240 strobes



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