6th Place Macro Ocean Art 2015 Alexander Franz

6th Place Macro

Alexander Franz

" Hiding Beauty"



Alexander won a gift certificate with Bluewater Travel!


The story:  It takes a lot of patience to shoot a Bargibanti Pygmy and be actually satisfied with the result. Luckily we are living right on the beach with lots of opportunities to go diving and taking pictures. It took me several dives to get this picture. The little pygmies are hiding perfectly camouflaged on their sea fan and even if you know that there must be one or two of them - sometimes you just don’t find them. If you overcome this first problem, either in taking magnifying glasses or waving your hand to make them move a little, it still doesn’t mean you can start taking pictures. In 9 out of 10 times you spot them, the pygmy is sitting right in the middle of the sea fan without any chance to take a good pic. 

If you are lucky and find them in a good position you will meet their shy character and see that they would always turn their head away from your camera if you come too close. Don’t try to make them move around again, because if you touch the gorgonian with a stick for instance all the beautiful flower like polyps will be gone. So there is only one thing you can do: Being patient again and wait for them to finally glance at your camera.

Location:  Tanjung Karang, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Camera:  Nikon D7000, Nikon 60mm macro lens, Sealux housing, Subtronic strobe



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