6th Place Behavior Ocean Art 2015 Ralph Pace

6th Place Behavior

Ralph Pace

"Battle on the Nine"


Ralph won a gift certificate from Bluewater Travel!


The story:  While on the Nine Mile Bank off San Diego, California we watched for 45 minutes as a sunfish (Mola mola), the world’s largest bony fish, tried to evade a hungry California sea lion (Zalophus californianus). Due to the current El Nino regime, much of the sea lion’s usual prey is up north in cooler waters. With limited prey, sea lions have resorted to feeding on anything, even super tough-skinned molas.

Location:  Nine Mile Bank, San Diego, California

Camera:  5D Mark II, 15mm fisheye, Aquatica Housing, dual Sea and Sea YS-D1 Strobes



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