5th Place Supermacro Ocean Art 2015 So Yat Wai

5th Place, Supermacro

So Yat Wai

"Sunrise on Purple Mountain"


So won a 4-day dive Package with Scuba Seraya in Bali, Indonesia!


The story:  Shooting Ladybugs is always the biggest challenge for underwater macro photographers. I had spend two whole dives on this photo since I had planned to get a colourful background instead of black background. The only possibility of getting a purple background was waiting the ladybugs come to the tip of smaller tunicate with another bigger tunicate staying at behind. Therefore the angle of shooting was limited to one direction and need to wait until the ladybug come to the target point. Owing to extremely short focusing distance by using high power wet diopters, it is easy to scare this little critter away by my huge port. Perseverance and patience are the only key of taking this photo

Location:  Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia

Camera:  Canon 5D MkIII, Sea & Sea Housing, Canon 100mm macro lens, SMC, dual Inon z240 strobes, Light & Motion Photo 800 focus light



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