5th Place Mirrorless Macro Ocean Art 2015 Maurizio Pasi

5th Place, Mirrorless Macro

Maurizio Pasi

"Ribbon Eyes"


Maurizio won a gift certificate from Bluewater Travel!


The story:  During a dive in Manado I found this Ribbon Eel appear from a hole at about 25m depth. It's a very shy animal - I could not get too close and I had to approach it very slowly to avoiding it disappearing in its den. When I found the safe distance and the right flash position to avoid background illumination, and after some shots at f16 and f11, I tried to do something different. I set my aperture to f2.8 because I wanted a very blurred "blue" to contrast the black background and a tack sharp eyes. Focus on its eyes was very difficult because of the tiny depth of field and the continuous movement of the little moray but after some shots I got this one.


Location:  Manado, Indonesia

Camera:  Olympus OMD E-M1 - Olympus 60mm macro - Nauticam Housing - Sea&Sea YS-D1


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