4th Place Mirrorless Macro Ocean Art 2015 Walter Bassi

4th Place, Mirrorless Macro

Walter Bassi

"Sweet Dad"


Walter won his choice of +5 or +10 SubSee diopter and flip adapter from ReefNet!


The story:  During the months of June and July the Apogon imberbis breed in shallow water.  The female gives her eggs to the male and he protects them in his mouth until the birth of their children. It is not easy to photograph the male with eggs, as he always tries to hide or turn around. To do this, I was waiting next to the fish about 30 minutes and at the end I managed to photograph him from the side. You see the young mature eggs and you can see the little eyes.

Location:  Capo Noli, Liguiria Sea, Italy

Camera:  Olympus E-PL1, Olympus housing, Olympus 60 macro lens, dual SEA&SEA YS-110 alpha strobes


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